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The Squid Gallery is the source for customized training on Adobe Systems' graphics and publishing products.

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Squid the Abyssinian cat

What is The Squid Gallery?

The Squid Art Gallery was initially created as a showcase for my original artwork when I worked at Adobe Systems and they began focusing on developing products for the web design market in the mid-90’s. My creations featured Squid, my Abyssinian cat of nearly 12 years. He was not only a wonderful pet, but a terrific inspiration for my artistic endeavors. He is the subject of many the pieces in the "Squid Art" gallery.

The art in the Squid Gallery continues to grow as I have new "models": Bubbles, Mango and Peaches, who are featured in more current pieces. My art and photography raise funds for many animal related charities. In addition to featuring my pets in my compositions, I have focused on wildlife and landscape photography.

I have created books of my photography and conduct photography workshops & photo-safaris in Africa.

My image of Chapman's Baobab is one of

Africa Geographic's

Photographer of the Year 2017 Winners!


"Chapman’s baobab is named after James Chapman (1831-1872) who was an explorer of Southern Africa and came across this vast baobab on July 10, 1852 while traversing the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. This is an iconic tree that David Livingstone and Frederick Selous camped under during their explorations, and one of the three largest baobabs in Africa. I got an opportunity to capture this tree under moonless skies as a long exposure with stars trailing through it. Sadly, on the 7th of January, 2016, it fell to the ground. This tree holds a special place in Africa’s amazing history."

Click here to see all the winning images.

Since I left Adobe Systems, I have been an Adobe Certified Instructor providing consulting and training on these programs as well as doing freelance photography, graphic design and production work.

Please enjoy your visit to the Squid Gallery and contact me if you are interested in my art & images or improving your skills in the Adobe Systems Creative Suite applications or as a photographer.

Check out my upcoming gallery shows and presentations, and books & magazines featuring my work on the PRESS page.


I can be reached at:

310-488-8848 Mobile


Thank you, Beverly Houwing

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