Welcome to The Squid Art Gallery featuring Bubbles, Mango & Peaches


After I no longer had Squid, I stopped creating "Squid Art". Without him my inspiration for the types of creations I did earlier was not there and I wanted to include my new cats in original works.

I got Bubbles when we fostered a pregnant cat for a rescue group and helped place her kittens. Bubbles was placed and subsequently returned, which I think caused her negative attitude (towards everything but me).

I got Mango when Bubbles was 4 months old and then Peaches as a rescue over a year later.

Bubbles and Flowers in pink flower

Bubbles - digital pastel portrait

Bubbles made her debut in the Squid Art Gallery

with this series called "Bubbles and Flowers".

These pieces are inspired by the sweet, innocent quality of Bubbles.

Bubbles and Flowers with bouquet in clouds
Bubbles and Flowers with daisies
Bubbles passed out at the base of a martini glass

Bubbles is the consummate "party girl" in Meowtini.

Passed out at the base of a giant martini glass, she embodies the aftermath of a wild cocktail party.


Mango portrayed as an aggressive frog-cucumber in "Mango Veggie Sculpture".

My friend Helena in Switzerland makes neat sculptures of vegetables as centerpieces and table decorations at parties. She sent some pictures of one of her creations and I couldn't resist trasforming Mango into one of them.

Mango the Abyssinian cat as a vegatable sculpture
Peaches wearing Camen Miranda head-dress
Out of control cat New Years Party

"Kitty Miranda" marked the debut of Peaches in the Squid Art Gallery.

Her wide-eyes look, monumental head-dress, avalanche of fruit and half-consumed martini just makes you wonder -- what is she really like??

  "Aby New Year" is a look at what would happen if you had a bunch of wild, drunken cats at a New Year party. Like any wild holiday bash you get the assorted guests who pass out, the ones that get into a brawl and others who are just trouble makers.

Paris Metro passes of cats

"Metro Pets" was cerated as a result of over two years of rescue work of cats and kittens in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to my own cats, Bubbles, Mango & Peaches, I had photographed hundreds of adoptable kittens and cats for the Petfinder.com web site and various rescue groups.

These portraits were an inspiration for the piece, which was created specifically for the PAWS/LA Pet Art fund-raiser in 2005.

All the “Metro Pets” have had a journey, some more difficult than others, but ultimately a happy one in finding loving and permanent homes. The Paris Metro passes create a whimsical and colorful way to feature their tiny,  yet detailed portraits.

Bubbles drinking from the Fountain of Youth

"Fountain of Youth" is an ethereal piece featuring Bubbles radiating a golden glow as she drinks a magic elixir.

Peaches gets smacked in the face by Mango's paw

One of Peaches' most endearing qualities was her taste for a good Gewürztraminer!

All guests were put on notice about this craving and had to nervously guard their wine glass -- or else they may find it being eagerly lapped at by Peaches!

"The Dark World of Bubbles" and "The Sinister World of Bubbles" were inspired by an incident when she bit me.  After getting a tetanus shot and taking anti-biotics for 10 days, I just imagined her in a demon-filled world inhabited by frightening creatures -- why else would she have done this?

"Peach Whap" is a photo of Peaches getting whapped in the face by Mango's paw.

The image is stylized with a Holga camera effect in Photoshop making it a somewhat surreal Abyssinian smack down.

The Dark World of Bubbles
The Sinister World of Bubbles