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Example of Photoshop Retouching - Jeans Ad in Oprah Magazine

Photoshop Work Examples

Example of Photoshop Retouching - Jeans ad on side of building
Example of Photoshop Retouching - Jeans ad on side of building

Some of my retouching work displayed in Oprah Magazine and on the side of a 5-story building for a jeans company.

The work involved improving the model's skin and hiding her bra that was visible in the opening of her blouse. The jeans had to have bunched up areas smoothed, since the ones used in the shoot were a bit big on her -- and they had pin stripes that had be aligned!

The images were used for various magazine ads, posters in the shopping mall as well as on the building.

Photoshop retouching of vintage image showing before and after
Photoshop beauty retouching of image showing before and after

Retouching examples of restoring vintage images and doing subtle improvements on skin texture and tones, brightening teeth and eyes, adding make-up and improving overall image color.

Photoshop compositing - cats on Versailles fountain
Photoshop compositing - elephant with zebra skin

Image color correction and compositing - adding cats and their shadows to be integrated in with the fountain statue.

More compositing work - applying a zebra skin on an elephant. Following the contours and integrating the texture of the elephant skin.  Adding it to the reflection as well.

Photoshop composite of Bubbles with flowers
Image of Bubbles for Photoshop composite

Composites make from generated backgrounds and textures in Photoshop, digital painting, filters, effects.

Photoshop mock-up of CD Case with booklet

Using Vanishing Point filter to create product mock-ups and apply images in perspective.

Photoshop created panorama of Golden Temple in India

Creating seamless panoramas from multiple images.