Squid Retrospective


Squid is always with me in spirit, though I miss his wonderful and special personality.

The collection of Squidmas Cards shows him in fun holiday settings and the evolution of Squid Art, which began with these cards.


Oil Painting of Squid by Italian artist Rosalia Cavallero

Original oil painting portrait of Squid, done by Italian artist, Rosalia Cavallero, in late 2000.


February 12, 1989 - January 30, 2001

Merry Squidmas - the complete collection of Squid Christmas Cards

 Cards generously provided to the Squid Art Gallery from the collection of Randy Knox.

The origin of a Christmas card featuring Squid started innocently enough.

A friend happened to snap a photo of my scrunching Squid's cute little face. We called this piece "Squish-face Kitty".

It became the December 1993 Christmas card, since my red fingernails (along with Squid's squished face) captured the spirit of the holiday season.

First "Squidmas" Card in 1993
Squidmas Card with Beverly and Squid
Squidmas Card with Beverly and Squid

These Christmas cards focused on portraying a sweet "family pose" of me and the Squid.

Getting him the sit or stand still and look at the camera was always a big challenge. Treats were usually proffered after the first couple of shots in an attempt to maintain his cooperation.

The photo session would usually disintegrate into a Squid tantrum of non-stop growling and hissing by the end of a roll of film. Somehow there was always at least one good photo after the Squid meltdown - - these are them.

As one of the early pieces from the Squid Art Gallery, "Holiday Squid" made a great Christmas card.

Since other early works were "Hellcat" and the "Squidtini", this one seemed the most appropriate for the holidays.

Squidmas Card showing gradient colored cat
Squidmas Card at Taj Mahal

My trip to India and Nepal provided my first international setting which came to be the standard format for the Squidmas card.

Squid looks like he's happily posing with me in front of the reflection pond in a festive, wintery scene at the Taj Mahal.

Squidmas Card at Park Guell in Barcelona

 The following year I took a Mediterranean cruise with my parents.

My favorite stop was in Barcelona. Famous Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi, designed an entire park, Parc Guell, which has this fabulous lizard fountain.

For the Squidmas card I drew the Christmas lights in Illustrator and draped them along the fountain. Squid is sporting his customary Santa hat and is looking quite at home in the park.

The Great Pyramid is a wonderful backdrop for this rather whimsical Christmas scene.

My friend Jim's classic Vet was the perfect open roadster to drive a decorated tree through the Sahara in.

Squid is the perfect "hood ornament" in his festive Santa hat.

Squidmas Card at Great Pyramid
Squidmas Card with lions in Africa

Sadly, Christmas 2000 was my last with Squid.

This is my favorite card of him, since he looks so comfortable snuggled up with his larger, African relatives.

It was also fun creating this rather busy card with all the gift wrapped presents, bows, ribbons, as well as the border with Squid surrounded with the dripping holiday message and ornaments.

An elaborate tribute seems only fitting...