Welcome to The Squid Fine Art Gallery


The concept of the Squid Fine Art Gallery was developed to determine how great works of art

might have been influenced had certain renowned artists owned an adorable little creature like Squid.


Some of the world's most recognizable art pieces would be somewhat different and perhaps a whole lot more cute...


Squid the Abyssinian cat in the John Singer Sargent portrait of Madame X

John Singer Sargent painted portraits of society women -- with their elegant pets, like Squid.

No doubt Leonardo da Vinci would have insisted that the Mona Lisa pose with Squid.

Squid the Abyssinian cat in the arms of the Mona Lisa
Squid the Abyssinian cat in the Gainsborough portrait of Lady Frances Duncombe

Gainsborough captures Squid's devilishness as he ponders how he will snag Lady Frances Duncombe's tantalizing ostrich plume.

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Renoir's "Umbrellas

Squid is just plain adorable among all those fashionable French ladies in Renoir's "Umbrellas".

Munch's "The Scream" featuring Squid the Abyssinian cat

 Squid might have made Munch's "The Scream" less menacing in a sweet, furry sort of way.

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Cezanne's still life with apples

Squid is exactly the kind of furry little trouble maker who would invade a Cezanne still life!

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Degas' "Waiting"

Degas should have let Squid take up some of that empty bench space. How could those women resist petting such a cute furball while they're waiting?

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Van Gogh's Irises

Van Gogh's Irises is just the kind of place Squid would like to rest in.

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Van Gogh's bedroom

Van Gogh lived in a tiny, cramped room while he struggled to become successful as a painter. With such austere surroundings, coming home to a wonderful pet like Squid would have probably made him reconsider suicide. You just can't be unhappy around his sweet, little furriness!

Squid adds cheer to whatever room he occupies, and he doesn't shed much. Well, actually he does, but at least his fur is short! Van Gogh would have made fine paint brushes out of it.

The Vision of Squid and St. Bruno

 Squid and St. Bruno share a vision.

Who knew??

Curious little Squid has to check out Van Gogh's "Sunflowers".

Squid the Abyssinian cat on Van Gogh's chair

Van Gogh would have most likely preferred to have Squid posed on his "Yellow Chair" instead of his pipe and handkerchief.

Squid the Abyssinian cat in Gaugin's "Siesta"

Gaugin liked painting those lovely Tahitian women. His piece called "The Siesta" could have just as well included Squid. What cat hasn't perfected relaxing as an artform?

Squid in Kandinsky's "Dominant Curve"
Squid the Abyssinian cat in Hockney's Pearblossom Highway

Even a modern artist like David Hockney would have realized how much more compelling the Pearblossom Highway would look with Squid standing in it.

Botticelli's "Venus & Squid"

Kandinsky's "Dominant Curve" is just begging to have Squid's cute little face staring back at you from it.

Botticelli's "Venus & Squid"

Let's face it, there's room for two in that clam shell!